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Tiny Watts
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Tiny Watts update 0 C. Rixham Check out our updated registry!
by C. Rixham
Thursday, March 14, 2019
Solar Powered Mailbox Internal LED Light with Infrared controlled 1 N. YANG tiny watts are cool!
by C. Rixham
Thursday, March 14, 2019
supporting documentation for my tiny watt entries 0 C. Snyder I'm glad to see ASES' tiny watt initiative, because I think it will give people inspiration to find more ways they can use renewable energy in their daily lives. These were my entries:   Device Name watts capacity hours use wh totals  Portable Sun Oven  400 3 1,200  Solar Cookit (backpacking oven)  200 7 1,400  BTFsolar Patriot demo water heater/ coffee pot 100  2 200  Solar Camping Shower  100 9 900  Drying Food  234 5 1,170  Hanging medium sized load of laundry to dry 1,200  52 6,240  Solar Powered radio  36 4 144  Solar Powered Garden Lamps (4)  32.56 1,095 35,653.2  Solar Powered Calculator  0.60 6 3.6  Portable Solar Panels  12 7 84  Vegetarian-powered bicycle Many of these that are electrical devices utilized previous users entries, because I did not have the devices here in my office to check the nameplate tags. I did multiply the amps entry for our garden lamps by 4 since we have at least 4 of these, probably more like a half dozen. For the thermal uses I had to ballpark watts based on solar aperture area of the device, based on a solar intensity of 1000w/ sq.m aperture, these include our sun oven, solar cookit, solar camping shower, but for the BTFsolar water heater I had manufacturer's specifications for aperture area and %efficiency per unit of aperture area. For the tasks of drying food and laundry, I found estimates of the energy intensity of doing the same task with conventional electric or fuel combustion devices. The laundry info is from the PHPP software from the Passivhaus institute, and is for the energy it would take to dry 11 lbs (dry weight) of laundry still retaining 60% moisture from the washer, in a conventional electric dryer like I have, if a condensing dryer is used the electrical consumption could drop to 1060 wh/load, and I do about 1 load of laundry a week, so I put 52 per year. We almost never use our clothes dryer, only if w have something down filled that needs to be battered with tennis balls while drying to restore the fluffiness. The food drying estimate was based on the energy intensity of freeze drying foods commercially, I crunched the large numbers I found (3000 lb batch dries to 900 lbs) to get to a per pound of raw food energy consumption, and our homemade solar drier would hold maybe 5 lbs of sliced food in a single batch, which would take 2 full sunny summer days to dry, so this is what I expect a single food dryer batch would displace in energy usage, and we have a pantry with many jars of home dried fruit. For the bicycle entry I found an estimate that said that the average adult can generate about 200w when pedaling, and since the plant foods I eat are chemically stored solar energy, I think any biking I do where I'm doing it for transportation not just exercise qualifies as tiny watts, the 5 hours represents a typical round trip for me in my rural area. Of course carnivore cyclists are also using stored solar power, too, but the fossil fuel inputs in their diet are probably higher than my locally sourced plant-based diet. Lastly, I would like to enter our largest solar cooker, which is an 8sided mirrored cone shown in the bottom right of the attached slide from one of my old presentations, but I can't remember the brand name - can anyone help me with that?  200 5 1,000
by C. Snyder
Saturday, November 17, 2018
Solar powered sound system 0 J. Lackner My solar powered sound system. Used at "green" live events, or any event where a live sound system would be needed and solar power - versus a noisy, stinky fuel-burning generator - as a power source would be preferred. Four DM solar 165 watt panels, Exceltech 1100 watt pure sine wave inverter, Midnight solar "The Kid" MPPT charge controller, two 12 volt Sears deep-cycle batteries.
by J. Lackner
Thursday, October 4, 2018
Conversions 0 C. Rixham Our goal is to reach 1 million Tiny Watts! 1,000,000 watts = 1,000 kW = 1 megawatt  
by C. Rixham
Thursday, June 14, 2018
ASES is Launching a New Platform: Tiny Watts 0 C. Rixham We’re launching a new web-based platform to create a nationwide community of “tiny watts”–very small applications of solar PV and solar thermal–because even small applications add up in a big way! Think solar backpacks and suitcases for charging cell phones and laptops; solar lights; solar cookers; low-tech solar water heaters, food dryers and much more. These technologies are affordable and available to everyone, everywhere. Tiny Watts will aim to enroll thousands of people – kids and adults across every spectrum – to fall in love with the many uses of solar and become Solar Citizens.
by C. Rixham
Friday, March 23, 2018
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